Be alert to cyber scam targeting supplier details

NSW Government suppliers have recently been targeted in a cyber scam relating to the NSW eTendering website. Read about the phishing campaign here.

This email is not known to be targeting Northern Territory Government suppliers, however this email is to advise you of the potential risk.

Advice and Actions

The NTG is not requesting you to update your supplier information.

If you have received an email purporting to be from the Northern Territory Government that is asking you to update your supplier information:

  1. Immediately delete the email
  2. If you are concerned you may have responded and provided your log-on details immediately reset your password on the My Account page page.
  3. Contact the QTOL team if you have any concerns or need assistance on (08)8999 1934 or email

NTG Supplier details and QTOL

Note that QTOL does not contain commercial in confidence information.

When a tender is submitted, QTOL only records the company name and lodgement record and only the name of an attached document submitted, not the actual document lodged by the company.

How to recognise a scam email and email phishing

  1. Always hover your mouse on the email address or web link to view the pop-up box address, even if it seems to come from a known service/department or vendor. You may need to expand the email to a full window to see the pop-up.
  2. A scam email will re-direct to an unrecognisable address that will be visible in the pop-up. If the address looks suspicious it is most likely a scam. If these people move on to target the NT QTOL system, please be aware that if the web address doesn’t start with or the email address doesn’t end in then it is likely to be fake and you are encouraged to contact the QTOL help team to clarify any concerns. Please do not click on the links in any suspicious emails.
  3. Do not open any attachments from an email where you do not know the sender or are not expecting the file.
  4. If you are still unsure, verify the email by contacting the organisation using known or published contact details that are not the details in the subject email.

Scam alerts and reporting scams

Information on scams can be accessed at the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s

If you think you have been sent a scam email you can report it online to Scamwatch, so other businesses can be alerted.