Procurement actions after quotations and tenders close

If your lodgement is successful you receive an electronic receipt.

Always check the receipt to make sure the correct files have been uploaded. Your receipt will be emailed to the address associated with your accounts as well as appearing on your QTOL 'My dashboard' under 'Lodgements'.

Tenders and quotations that are lodged after the closing time and date or that are incomplete may not be accepted.

Once received, tenders and quotations are assessed by a panel with the outcome of that formally advised in writing. You will receive a Notice of Acceptance if successful or a Notice of Unsuccessful if your offer was not successful.

You can contact CAPS for help lodging your tender or quotation, but make sure you do this well in advance of the closing date and time.

Appeal a decision

If you receive a letter saying your submission was late, you can appeal the decision. The appeal process will be outlined in that letter.

Making changes to offers after lodgement

You can make changes to your offer up to the closing date and time. Follow the same lodgement process as originally completed and mark it as superseding your previous documents.

Awarded contracts

The time frame for when a tender or quotation is awarded is dictated by the complexity of the requirement and the number of responses. A good guide to how long the department will usually take is the validity period stated in the quotation and tender documents.

Simple contracts will usually be awarded within 30 days.

Signing contracts

Usually, the NT Government procures under an offer and acceptance model. So once the acceptance of an offer is received by the successful tenderer there is no need for a separate contract to be signed.

The acceptance of an offer may be through a Notice of Acceptance, Service Order or Purchase Order.

If for some reason a different model is used, you will receive advice that you need to attend a location to execute/sign the contract documents.

All National Public Works Council Construction Contracts, for example, do require deeds to be signed.

Arranging a debriefing

Advice about debriefing opportunities are provided in the Notice of Unsuccessful tender.