Register with Quotations and Tenders Online

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There are three steps to create your account and record your business details on QTOL.

Your account must be associated with at least one business to download documents and lodge responses to quotations and tenders.

You can register any number of businesses after you have created your account.

How to register

To register with QTOL, follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Set up an account

    On the top right menu click 'Register for an account'.
    Choose a User ID. This can't be an email address.
    Enter a password that is at least eight characters, contains at least one uppercase character, one lowercase and one number.
    Fill out the remaining fields, particularly those with an * which are mandatory.
    Check the boxes to indicate your required notifications.
    Type the text that appears in the human verification image.
    Click 'create account'.

  • Step 2: Set up a business

    You can't download documents or lodge responses to quotations and tenders until you have created a business.
    Review/update and complete the fields then click 'save business'.

  • Step 3: Create a business portfolio

    For each business you create you can choose to create a business portfolio if needed.
    The information stored in each portfolio can be used to pre-fill generic sections of your response schedules.
    You can nominate to receive reminders on information about the expiry of insurance and CAL details.
    Click 'save portfolio'.

Submit your quotation or tender

Quotations and Tenders online is the preferred method of lodging your tender or quotation.

You can submit through eLodgement at any time before the day and time that a quotation or tender closes.

Depending on the lodgement requirements and procurement closing date you can also lodge by fax to Contracts and Procurement Services.

Instructional Video on How to eLodge

Discover the ease and convenience of eLodgement with our instructional video.

How to submit tenders and quotations

Use the following steps to submit your response through eLodgement.

  • Step 1: Select the files

    Select the files you want to lodge for your response by browsing and clicking on the files.
    You can remove/cancel and replace any of the files you have selected.

  • Step 2: Upload the files

    This puts the selected files into a queue awaiting processing on the NT Government server.
    You can remove files from the queue and select additional files to upload again.

  • Step 3: Lodge the files

    This is when your uploaded files are recorded as your completed submission.
    You must submit files before the closing date and time the quotation or tender closes. If you submit after this time your submission may not be accepted.

  • Step 4: Receipt of lodgement

    You will be provided a confirmation receipt on screen and to your registered email address.